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You can’t stop George Kittle! You can only hope to contain him! 1st ever 48-46 score in #NFL history. 49ER TWEET… George Kittle won’t let anything stop him getting ready for 2020. George Kittle cannot be stopped! He finished the 2019 season with an overall grade of 95.0– the highest overall season grade for a TE in the Pro Football Focus era.

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Great TE everyone needs to step up for next weeks game against the Vikings. Don’t underestimate them! Go NINERS! I’m moments away from confirming George Kittle is in fact not human but rather a cyborg sent to destroy everything in it’s path. Please standby… George Kittle is the best TE in football and will end up setting all the NFL records. He is the Jerry Rice of TEs. Book it now. Kittle gets the max rating for effort in every game he plays. I could tell it was killing him to miss a couple of games to injury this year. The beast should get some votes for league MVP. 4-12 last year to 13-3 this year says it all.

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We have some amazing athletes that show up on and off the field. Thank you for being there for your communities and seeing what’s really important. Thank you for choosing this charity. They are truly an honorable place to donate. Thank you!!!

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Classic Men's T-Shirt, Men's Tank Top, Men's V-Neck, Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Longsleeved, Unisex Sweatshirt, Unisex tank top, Unisex v-neck, Women t-shirt, Women's Flowy Tank Top, Women's Long Sleeved, Women's Tank Top, Women's V-Neck

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