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The Clemson Tigers rugby team on January 14 was honored to be invited to the White House for winning a university championship. Their celebration at the President’s home is fast food. Rarely has the menu of inviting guests in the White House been so full of fast food such as McDonald’s or Burger King. But in the context of a partial government shutdown, chefs were forced to leave work, President Trump invited guests to this special party. Moreover, Mr. Trump paid for all this food with his own pocket.

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While White House cooks were unable to work because of the government shutdown, President Trump treated guests with fast food from McDonalds and Wendy. The White House said President Trump personally paid for fast food to guests, praising them as “great American food” when welcoming members of the Clemson Tigers rugby team. won the American college football championship.

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At the reception of the Clemson Tigers football team, all fast food items are paid for by President Trump. “As you know, because the government was closed, we ordered American-style fast food with my money.” The Clemson Tigers are always the best out there, and proves ot most of the time. Just gotta love you, win or lose they will always be the Clemson Tigers. As we are. Nuff said.

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Classic Men's T-Shirt, Men's Tank Top, Men's V-Neck, Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Longsleeved, Unisex Sweatshirt, Unisex tank top, Unisex v-neck, Women t-shirt, Women's Flowy Tank Top, Women's Long Sleeved, Women's Tank Top, Women's V-Neck

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