Cincinnati Reds All-time Greats Players Signatures shirt, classic tee, v-neck


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  • Unisex tank top
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NEW in 2020, Major League Baseball has decided that backpacks will not be permitted into any of its 30 ballparks. While this move is designed as an additional safety measure, it will also allow for quicker expediting of entry into Great American Ball Park. For this purpose a “backpack” is any cloth or nylon sack with a variety of pockets that can be carried on one’s back with one or two straps.

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The exception to the policy will be diaper bags, personal medical bags, and the Reds Heads backpack, which will be able to be brought into the ballpark as long as they are inspected. All available entrances into GABP will have bag entries that will be equipped to quickly inspect bags. These entries will be marked with signage to better direct fans with bags. Not a fan. As a parent of multiple kids, this makes it that much harder to keep them safe when getting to and from parking. This won’t decrease the number of games I see, but it will affect my kids.

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Why do you need a book-bag at the ballpark? Even with a small-child, wipes, two diapers, and some Cheerios fit easily in an average purse, or cargo pockets. You’re going to a ball-game not on a vacation. Thank you for keeping us safe at Reds games. I already feel very safe because of the excellent ballpark staff and police presence. It is a friendly and safe place to see a game.

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Classic Men's T-Shirt, Men's Tank Top, Men's V-Neck, Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Longsleeved, Unisex Sweatshirt, Unisex tank top, Unisex v-neck, Women t-shirt, Women's Flowy Tank Top, Women's Long Sleeved, Women's Tank Top, Women's V-Neck

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